100 articles, blogs, columns, whitepapers and social media feeds may seem a lot to some while 200 may not be enough for others. In the end, it is not just about the tools used or frequency but the content to influence the counter-narrative(s) on a given subject.
VolumeA + B + C: Timeline
10050%: A
25%: B
25%: C
12-month period
15050%: A
25%: B
25%: C
18-month period
20050%: A
25%: B
25%: C
24-month period
(A) Bylined articles, blogs, columns, whitepapers + (B) webinars, podcasts, vlogs, videos + (C) tweets and social media feeds

By publishing a minimum of 10 highly focused, monthly bylined articles, blogs, columns, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, vlogs, videos, tweets and social media feeds in  different cities in Asia, U.S & Europe – on a given industry, company or product, we are able to generate enough credible material (online and in print) as a counterweight to the negative propaganda against your industry, company or product.

Telecoms & Technology Industries

From a Vietnam telecoms provider in early 2019 to a Indonesian online shopping platform in late 2020 grappling with data & privacy issues, we worked with two very different clients to help soften the image of our clients, in the eyes of end consumers, businesses and regulators.

O&G and Mining Industries

Ranging from a Fortune 500 Thai Oil & Gas company to a publicly listed Indonesian mining giant with extensive assets overseas, we have been retained by these two companies for the last 3 years, or since mid-2019.

Governments & Public Sector

Several governments and specific public sector departments & ministries from Hong Kong to Malaysia have used our narrative packages to reshape public opinion on specific government policies since early 2019-2020.

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