We specialise in building a narrative.

If the industry, company or product you represent is not very well-liked or misunderstood by the media, NGOs or other interest groups, we can independently produce a series of fact-based bylined articles, blogs, columns, whitepapers and social media feeds – that gradually reframes the counter-narrative.
The key is to generate enough credible content, with brevity and clarity and avoid half-truths and hyperbole.
Put simply, we clarify the myths, amplify the key selling points and generally clear the smog of misinformation around the industry, company or product.
Instead of publishing behind a wall of secrecy or be seen as a voice of your company or industry, every bylined article, blog, column, whitepaper and social media feed is credited to the writer and independently verifiable, ultimately helping our client gain (or re-gain) part or full control of the narrative.

Telecoms & Technology Industries

From a Vietnam telecoms provider in early 2019 to a Indonesian online shopping platform in late 2020 grappling with data & privacy issues, we worked with two very different clients to help soften the image of our clients, in the eyes of end consumers, businesses and regulators.

O&G and Mining Industries

Ranging from a Fortune 500 Thai Oil & Gas company to a publicly listed Indonesian mining giant with extensive assets overseas, we have been retained by these two companies for the last 3 years, or since mid-2019.

Governments & Public Sector

Several governments and specific public sector departments & ministries from Hong Kong to Malaysia have used our narrative packages to reshape public opinion on specific government policies since early 2019-2020.

Let’s build something together.